As some of you know, I am a keen forager and I have now set up a Wild Food Woman blog  which some of you might be interested in.

My mum was a keen organic gardener and used wild foods in recipes all the time. It is only relatively recently that I have realised how unusual that was. I have done a cookery demo at a food festival, some local wild food walks and handed out my recipes for things like wild food bhajis and lavender scones on many, many occasions so thought it was time to get things ‘out there’ a bit more.

oxeye daisiesOx eye daisies  (above) and many other common and easily identifiable plants are edible.You probably can identify many things but you just don’t know you can eat them!

Wild Food Woman is aimed at people completely new to the idea of wild food and I hope the blogs will give you the confidence to find, identify and cook lovely foraged things and introduce you to some simple herbal medicines that you can use at home.

I also tweet as @wildfoodwoman so if you are on twitter pop on over and say hello.

grelderdandelionnettlecleaversIn case you were wondering.. the pictures above are .. ground elder, dandelions, nettles and cleavers which is also called sticky willy.

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