I have been blogging for many years now and also have two other blogs on Wild Food and Mindfulness in Business.. but decided to start another one!

The new www.stuffjolikes.com is really a place for me to post things I come across that don’t fit with the other blogs I do. I read and travel a lot and often find interesting articles, photos, blogs, books and documentaries that I’d like to share.. so the new blog is just an eclectic mix of stuff I like!

As well as blog posts there is a page of book group suggestions. This links to an Amazon bookstore of many books we have read in our book group over the last 8 years and other favourites of ours or ones that have been suggested to us.

The blog also contains a Girl Power daily paper – this is just a random selection of tweets and blog posts from women I follow on twitter. I am not saying there is anything wrong with men who tweet but I think some of these women post great stories, articles or blogs and this paper may help you discover something you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

So.. pop over to stuffjolikes.com and have a look.. I hope you like it 🙂