I’ve been meaning to write about mindfulness for a while and this cartoon really sums it all up. It has been shared a lot on facebook and I don’t know who did the original so can’t give them the credit they deserve. I imagine some of you can relate to it!

I have some great meditation tracks of various ‘flavours’ on my computer and try and listen to them regularly but when life gets busy that sort of thing is usually the first to slip. I try and meditate just focussing on my breathing but I’m not always good at doing it on my own.

Thich Nhat Hanh gives a great explanation of mindfulness.

Too often are we preoccupied with silly things that keep us from true mindfulness. Mindfulness, allows us to be in touch with world, the universe, and the present moment. When we become mindful, we can find gratitude and happiness wherever we are. From simple things like admiring the blue sky on a sunny day, watching a bird building a nest, or the simple beauty of the. If we learn to practice mindfulness and gratitude, we won’t need anything else to be happy.

So, check out the beautiful teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh below, learn to stop running and be present with the universe.


There is a growing amount of evidence that people who use mindfulness techniques are calmer, happier and generally more healthy.

I completely accept that most people have no idea where to start with this mindfulness stuff.. so.. I have started another blog. As well as being a homeopath I also run a local business networking group and basic mindfulness tips, free meditations and other useful resources can be found on the North Craven Networking blog.