I had started writing a blog about the mindfulness techniques I use and then my dear friend Shirley wrote this about her experience of one of them in a Skype session we had recently… she has said it so simply and so well… I thought I’d use her words rather than mine!

Original was posted by Shirley Harvey on her very brave and very honest blog



I went on a journey deep into my body today. It didn’t take long, a matter of minutes, and the help of my dear friend Jo Rhodes and a quick mindfulness technique.

So quickly I’m inside my body. What is there?

There is restriction in the area of my diaphragm (the solar plexus chakra).

It’s a cage.

I feel myself, in a cage, a prison.

It’s pushing against me.


But that isn’t right, it isn’t pushing against me. I sit with it a little longer. What is it?

It’s me. I’m expanding and pushing against the cage that is too small for me. Too uncomfortable. Too restricting. The area below my chest is tight, restricted, unable to breath fully.

So with Jo’s guidance, I see it.
Then I accept it. Then I surrender to it.

“I see this cage around me.

I accept this cage around me.

I surrender to this cage around me”.

Within a couple of repetitions, the sides and back of the cage fall away.


Suddenly I’m standing there, but I’m still in prison. I’m holding the front bars. No longer am I compressed by them, but they are in front of me, stopping me moving forward and I’m holding them! What am I doing holding them for f**ks sake?! PUT THEM DOWN!!!!!!

But I can’t. I can’t let them go at first. So I see them, accept them and surrender to them again.

And I manage to put them down on the floor to the side of me.

Where am I now?

I’m no longer in prison, but I’m surrounded by complete emptiness.

A void.

A big scary void of nothingness, or everything.

Instinctively I know to call this the big empty space of POSSIBILITIES!

But I can’t quite step into it yet. I’m not quite ready yet. I’m still stood where my prison was, surrounded by this huge expanse of space.

Big empty space of possibilities


So that is where I’m at.

I realize the prison of circumstances I am in at present, has been created by me, not quite being ready yet because there is still fear inside me. Still hesitancy.

But I’m free from the cage. There is now nothing between me and the big empty


That feels good.


Later Shirley went on to explore that space of possiblilities and blogged about it here – it turned out to be quite fun.

Check out her blog www.barelyrecognisable.com and she also now has an Etsy shop of her lovely creations.