What causes wellness

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I first heard of Sir Harry Burns when he was interviewed talking  about health and inequality as part of the U.Lab course I mentioned in my new stuffjolikes blog. He was Chief Medical Officer of Scotland for many years and is now Professor of Global Heath Promotion at the University of Strathclyde. When he retired from his post as Chief Medical Officer this article about him appeared  in The Guardian  ‘We need compassion, not judgments about...

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New stuffjolikes blog

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I have been blogging for many years now and also have two other blogs on Wild Food and Mindfulness in Business.. but decided to start another one! The new www.stuffjolikes.com is really a place for me to post things I come across that don’t fit with the other blogs I do. I read and travel a lot and often find interesting articles, photos, blogs, books and documentaries that I’d like to share.. so the new blog is just an eclectic mix...

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Mind Full or Mindful

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I’ve been meaning to write about mindfulness for a while and this cartoon really sums it all up. It has been shared a lot on facebook and I don’t know who did the original so can’t give them the credit they deserve. I imagine some of you can relate to it! I have some great meditation tracks of various ‘flavours’ on my computer and try and listen to them regularly but when life gets busy that sort of thing is...

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Benveniste Lecture at Cavendish Labs

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Many of our critics go on about the ‘fact’ that homeopathy must be nonsense because the remedies are diluted so much there must be nothing there. See my previous blog about Avogadro and dilutions for my response to that. They also often say homeopathy is unscientific but they conveniently ignore the many eminent scientists from all backgrounds who have become interested in homeopathy and high dilution research. Jacques Benveniste...

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Homeo Pie

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I came across this wonderful musical history of homeopathy today. It’s called Homeo Pie and is a history of homeopathy in America sung to the tune of American Pie. Few people know about homeopathy’s long and dramatic history in the United States. This music video will educate and entertain you in under 10 minutes. It was written by Bara Waters and performed by her husband Robert Cassard.. these are her words about the song from her...

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Chinese Medicine Blues and the ASA – video

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A fellow homeopath sent me this wonderful musical video – Chinese Medicine Blues – from acupuncturist Peter Firebrace. This video is the title track of an upcoming album, due out May 2013, this song is a response to regulations imposed by the Advertising Standards Authority on what acupuncturists can say they treat. This was put out during Acupuncture Awareness Week in March 2013.     Whilst I completely accept we have to have some...

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