Can homeopathy on farms make happy herds?

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This was a short piece on Farming Today on BBC Radio 4 ‘Can homeopathy on farms make happy herds?’ Two Wiltshire-based organic farmers explain that in their experience homeopathy’s holistic approach leads to all round healthier herds. In the piece they mention Homeopathy at Wellie Level who do courses aimed at farmers and smallholders. I wrote a blog about them a long time ago which you can find here.. and if you are...

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Techy support for therapists

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I am now offering some techy support for therapists and anyone else who is interested by skype. I have helped several friends set up email newsletters, get started with twitter, set up blogs, Amazon bookstores, online appointments systems, business for facebook and many other things so have decided to offer this now a bit more publicly. Technology has moved on rapidly in recent years and so most things are much more straightforward to set up...

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Free Health Library at Limestone View

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Books, Homeopathy, Mindfulness, Other Health, Recipes, Slider | 2 comments

The new Settle Library is in the building at Limestone View but there is also now a free health library too. See here for Settle Library info and opening hours. In the lobby area of the Meadowsweet Rooms at Limestone View in Settle the local complementary therapists have started a free library of healthy eating and natural health books, CDs and DVDs. Pop along and have a browse and feel free to borrow anything that takes your fancy. If you have...

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New clinic in Settle

Posted by on Jan 17, 2015 in Books, Homeopathy, Mindfulness, Photos, Slider | 0 comments

After many years working at Gateway to Health in Settle the clinic closed at the end of December 2014. Paul the acupuncturist is still working from home so if you want to contact him see the Gateway to Health website. In January I started working at the therapy rooms at Limestone View on Lower Greenfoot in Settle. This is where the old Greenfoot Care Home used to be right by the rugby club. As well as retirement flats, the new library is in the...

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A journey into the deep

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I had started writing a blog about the mindfulness techniques I use and then my dear friend Shirley wrote this about her experience of one of them in a Skype session we had recently… she has said it so simply and so well… I thought I’d use her words rather than mine! Original was posted by Shirley Harvey on her very brave and very honest blog   I went on a journey deep into my body today. It didn’t...

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